Living on bitcoin is a real challenge for newlywed couple ...

My(40M) wife (38F) wants to know all I do and has an opinion on everything. It's stopped me from trying out new things and new hobbies

So my wife doesn't have much of hobbies or interests other than watching tv or chit chatting with friends. We are married 10 years and have a baby (2Y) who takes up a lot of free time currently. Both of us work in the same University. There is another story here but will keep that for later. She gets bored super easily and doesn't read anything, doesn't write nor watch sensible tv. Shes says things like 'I only like to watch feel good romcom movies' or ' the hero and heroin should look good' No classic cinema,foreign movies, action, horror, scifi,western..nothing. This limits what she can watch.
I, on the other hand like to try my hand at stuff like jewellery making, macro photography, painting, digital drawing, DIY home repair , writing , circuit designing, stamp collecting, reading non fiction books, watching documentaries etc. just to name a few. I did try my hand at making video games and starting to make a rig to mine bitcoin etc. but had zero success there.
I believe that learning is a lifelong process and try to learn as much as I can just for the sake of it.
The problem is that my wife doesn't look at all this with interest. Whenever I am doing any activity not related to my field of work she will ask if I am making money with this? I say, this is for learning and she gets all upset and angry saying I am wasting my time. I do not spend much on my hobbies too, maybe a 100$ in six months or so, maybe buy a new fountain pen or a new developer board etc.
Whenever I am doing anything hands on, she will say the output is bad, I see much better in shops. I say I am learning that's why it looks like this and she sneers and says I am wasting my time, there is no money in this. If I am writing something, she will try to read over my shoulders and say that looks like bad writing. When I do some home repair or gardening, she says her friends can do this much better and I am not concentrating and am making it look bad. I recently made some new pendants by a technique I saw on youtube, and she said it looks like a child made it and she would never wear it. When I cook some new recipe, she always complains that salt is less/more, or this spice is too much too less. When the food is well made, never an ounce of appreciation that its good. She just eats and cleans the dining table. If I ask her hows the food, she replies, 'its food, anything that fills a belly is fine, I can eat anything and am not picky.'
She never appreciates all I try to learn and do always criticizing and saying negative to me and my activities. It has come to a point now that I don't do anything, my creative juice has stopped and I cannot think beyond laundry, dishes, cooking and groceries. Even if I have free time I sit like a zombie in front of the computer mindlessly browsing. My confidence is almost broken, self esteem gone and feel sad all the time.
But during times when my wife goes for a conference for 3-4 days at a stretch, all my energy comes back and I can do my stuff peacefully and my creativity returns. As soon as my wife comes home and asks a question like why is the dishwasher not empty, or why is the towel not in the laundry etc. I suddenly become depressed and lose any motivation to do my thing.
It's come to the point where I try to hide what I am doing just so that my wife will not jinx it but giving a negative comment on it. All my calligraphy stuff, coin collection, my development boards, printout of interetinng stuff I want to read, and more ,in my office. It's like I shifted my sould to the office and at home, I'm just a punching bag for doing household work.
I thought perhaps its the postpartum mood swings that ladies go through after delivery, but this behavior was before delivery too, say 5 years back.
Frankly, I cannot see me going down like this. I need some outlet for my creativity and learning and she is strangling this very effectively. Any comments on how to handle this?
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